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Company Profile

LJT Properties began business in 2017. It is an estate agency focused on assisting investors to build and maintain legacies by creating property wealth. To this end, our agents focus on helping investors and homeowners find the right property investment(s). Ukubambana Investments CC formed in 2009 is the holding company for LJT Properties.

LJT Properties also assists property owners by managing their properties. Our property management services include at least two property inspections per year. Interfacing with tenants, contractors, and property owners to ensure that any repairs needed are done professionally and at affordable prices. To this end, LJT Properties works closely with quality handpicked contractors who carry out the following tasks: plumbing, electrical, construction, and general handyman.


LJT Properties’ strength lies in its agents who are committed professionals. They keep up with property trends and share this information with clients. We believe in empowering our agents through professional personal development. To this end, our agents are encouraged to complete their logbook training and professional development exams (PDE).

Commission per transaction

To empower our teams of agents, LJT Properties applies a progressive commission structure in favour of Agents as follows:

New Developments

LJT Properties works closely with major property developers selling units off-plan and placing tenants. We pride ourselves in being part of a select group of go-to agencies for these developers.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping the less fortunate in the communities where we do business. Each year a fund-raising golf event is held, and funds raised are donated to organisations helping the less privileged in the communities.

Operating Model

LJT Properties encourages its Agents to work remotely with support from a back office, Hybrid weekly meetings are provided.